Sugar Cane
Australia's premier manufacturer of mechanical sugar cane harvester blades
Grass Cutting
Major producer of heat-treated blades for the Grass Cutting Industry
Our hardfacing process to control wear and improve life of components.

Pratco Industries is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of Grass Care and Sugar Cane Harvesting Blades. Since its inception in 1977, the company has grown, adding other lines of products to our range in the pursuit of improved value added product for our customer base.

Pratco Industries is a quality focused company with a proven record of timely supply. As a supplier of Cutting Blades to some of the world's leading machinery manufacturers, Pratco has set high standards in the manufacture of products.

Pratco has well-equipped manufacturing facilities in Brisbane Australia. Our factories are equipped with a full range of plant and equipment to allow us to perform our production and quality control in house.

Over the last decade Pratco has been a leader in the Research and Development of Wear Enhanced Products.

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