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45 years of heat treatment know-how and counting.

Work with people who know what it takes to make your components stronger and more wear-resistant.

When it comes to heat treatment, Pratco has you covered.

After all, we’ve been heat treating our own and other’s products for over four decades, and we’re proud of our reputation for delivering improved strength and wear resistance to carbon and alloy steels based on the latest product knowledge and techniques.

We can work with small to large material sections using a quality-controlled oil quenching and tempering process to achieve your desired results and dip paint after treating if you need it.

You’ll also be thrilled with our cost efficiencies and prompt turnarounds, so you can get your hardened components back to you faster.


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Extend your componentry’s work life with heat treatment done by the experts.

We’re keen to learn more about how we can help make your work more productive. Complete the contact form below.

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