Rock Picks

Pratco Quick Change Rock Pick System

Quick Change Rock Pick System

Rock Pick, Hardened Intermediate Sleeve and Primary Holder

In recent years Pratco Industries has been involved in developing a Rock Pick System that delivers optimum wear life for the Iron Ore Mining industry. The key performance areas identified for Rock Pick performance include.

The full system shown can ultimately be adopted, or rock picks can be supplied initially with the quick release design to suit existing holders. A package can be supplied which includes special retainers and quick change tools. 

Intermediate hardened sleeves can be used to reduce the requirement for the costly replacement of primary holder bodies. With the primary holders being welded to drums, the sacrificial intermediate sleeves can greatly reduce down time caused by cutting out and welding in new holders.

Primary weld in holders designed for the quick release rock pick and sleeves are treated with Duratech prior to fitting.